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XTOOL X100 Price in Nepal

XTOOL X100 Professional Tablet Key Programmer With KC100&EEPROM Adapter

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Nrs. 120000 Nrs. 148000
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The XTOOL X100 Professional Tablet Key Programmer with KC100 and EEPROM Adapter is a versatile and advanced tool designed for automotive locksmiths and technicians. Here are the key details:

  1. Professional Tablet Key Programmer: The X100 is a tablet-based key programmer that offers comprehensive vehicle coverage for key programming, key matching, and key generation. It supports a wide range of vehicle makes and models, providing solutions for both immobilizer and remote control systems.

  2. KC100 Adapter: The KC100 adapter is included with the X100 programmer and serves as an interface module for enhanced functionality. It enables advanced key programming features and supports various modules and components in the vehicle's electronic systems.

  3. EEPROM Adapter: The EEPROM adapter is another essential accessory included with the X100 programmer. It allows for reading and writing data from EEPROM chips, facilitating key programming and other advanced diagnostic functions.

  4. Advanced Features: The X100 programmer offers advanced features beyond standard key programming, such as key learning, remote control generation, and module initialization. It also supports functions like mileage adjustment and diagnostic trouble code (DTC) reading and clearing.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: With its tablet-based design, the X100 programmer provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and navigation. The touchscreen display offers intuitive access to functions and settings, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced technicians.

  6. Updates and Support: XTOOL provides regular updates and technical support to ensure that the X100 programmer remains compatible with the latest vehicle models and software updates. This helps users stay current with evolving automotive technology and maintain the effectiveness of their diagnostic and programming tools.

Overall, the XTOOL X100 Professional Tablet Key Programmer with KC100 and EEPROM Adapter is a comprehensive and reliable tool for automotive key programming and diagnostic tasks. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and support for a wide range of vehicles make it a valuable asset for locksmiths and technicians.

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