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LF16069 Lube Oil Filter Price in Nepal

LF16069 Lube Oil Filter

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The LF16069 lube oil filter, manufactured by Fleetguard (a Cummins Filtration brand), is designed to ensure optimal performance and protection of engines by efficiently removing contaminants from the lube oil. Here is a detailed description of the LF16069 lube oil filter:

Key Features:

  1. High Efficiency Filtration:

    • The LF16069 utilizes advanced filter media that captures a high percentage of particles and contaminants, providing superior protection for engine components.
  2. Durable Construction:

    • The filter is constructed with robust materials that can withstand high pressures and temperatures typically found in engine lubrication systems.
  3. Bypass Valve:

    • Equipped with an internal bypass valve that ensures continuous oil flow in case the filter media becomes clogged, preventing oil starvation.
  4. Anti-Drain Back Valve:

    • Includes an anti-drain back valve which prevents oil from draining out of the filter when the engine is turned off, ensuring immediate oil pressure upon engine start-up.


  1. Part Number: LF16069
  2. Filter Type: Spin-on lube filter
  3. Media Type: Advanced synthetic blend media
  4. Height: Approximately 178 mm (7.01 inches)
  5. Outer Diameter: Approximately 93 mm (3.66 inches)
  6. Thread Size: 1-16 UN-2B
  7. Nominal Micron Rating: Typically 25 microns
  8. Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for standard engine operating temperatures


  • The LF16069 is commonly used in a variety of heavy-duty applications including trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial engines. It is compatible with several Cummins engine models, making it a preferred choice for Cummins engine users.


  1. Engine Protection:

    • By effectively filtering out contaminants, the LF16069 extends the life of engine components, reduces wear, and helps maintain optimal engine performance.
  2. Reduced Maintenance Costs:

    • The high capacity of the filter media means longer service intervals, reducing the frequency of filter replacements and associated maintenance costs.
  3. Reliability:

    • Fleetguard filters are known for their reliability and consistent performance, providing peace of mind to users relying on their engines for critical operations.


  • Always check the specific engine manual or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your particular engine model.

In summary, the LF16069 lube oil filter is a high-quality, durable filter designed to provide excellent protection for engines in demanding conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

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