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KG934 Controller price in Nepal | Kirloskar generator controller

KG934 Controller

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Nrs. 40000
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KG934 Controller

  1. Automatic Start/Stop: Controls the generator's starting and stopping process based on parameters like power demand or system failure.

  2. Engine Monitoring: Monitors engine parameters such as temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and RPM.

  3. Electrical Monitoring: Monitors electrical parameters including voltage, frequency, and current.

  4. Load Management: Manages the distribution of electrical load to prevent overload situations.

  5. Remote Monitoring: Allows for remote monitoring and control of the generator system via computer or mobile device.

  6. Data Logging: Records operational data and events for analysis and troubleshooting.

  7. Fault Detection and Alarms: Detects faults or abnormalities in the system and triggers alarms for maintenance or corrective action.

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