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FC-1001 Fuel Filter Price in Nepal

FC-1001 Fuel Filter

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spare parts in Nepal.

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Nrs. 7800
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  • Application: The Sakura FC-1001 fuel filter is designed for use in various vehicles with diesel engines, including trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and other heavy-duty applications.

  • Filtration Efficiency: Sakura filters are engineered to provide high filtration efficiency, effectively capturing contaminants such as dirt, rust, water, and other impurities that can potentially damage fuel system components and compromise engine performance. The FC-1001 likely utilizes advanced filter media to ensure thorough filtration of the fuel.

  • Compatibility: The FC-1001 is designed to fit specific vehicle models and fuel system configurations. It's important to verify compatibility with the vehicle's make, model, and engine type before installation to ensure proper fit and function.

  • Construction: The Sakura FC-1001 fuel filter is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand the harsh operating conditions typically encountered in automotive and heavy-duty applications. This includes a durable outer casing, reliable seals to prevent leaks, and a robust filter media designed to maintain integrity and filtration efficiency over time.

  • Maintenance Interval: Like all fuel filters, the FC-1001 has a recommended maintenance interval specified by Sakura. It's essential to adhere to these guidelines and replace the filter at the recommended intervals to ensure optimal engine performance and fuel system protection.

  • Performance Standards: Sakura filters are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards for performance and reliability. This ensures that the FC-1001 fuel filter provides effective filtration without restricting fuel flow or causing pressure drops that could impact engine

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