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AVR for 5 kva generator Nepal

AVR for 5 Kva Generator

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Electrical device and equipment

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Nrs. 5500
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AVR for 5 kva generators

  1. Voltage Regulation: The primary function of an AVR is to regulate the voltage output of the generator. It ensures that the voltage remains within acceptable limits even when there are fluctuations in the load or changes in the speed of the generator's engine.

  2. Stability: By regulating the voltage, the AVR helps stabilize the electrical supply, ensuring that sensitive equipment connected to the generator receives a steady and consistent voltage. This stability is crucial for the proper functioning of electronic devices and machinery.

  3. Protection: AVR protects the generator and connected devices from voltage spikes or surges that could damage electrical equipment. It also prevents voltage drops that could lead to underperformance or malfunction of connected devices.

  4. Efficiency: By maintaining a constant voltage output, the AVR helps optimize the efficiency of the generator. It ensures that the generator operates at its peak performance level, reducing fuel consumption and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

  5. Compatibility: AVR units are designed to be compatible with specific generator models and ratings. When choosing an AVR for a 5 kVA generator, it's essential to select a unit that matches the specifications and requirements of the generator to ensure proper functioning and compatibility.

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