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12 volt relay card for kirloskar engines

12 volt relay card

Category: Electrical

Electrical device and equipment

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Nrs. 11000
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12 volt relay card for kirloskar generators

12-volt relay card is an electronic device used to control electrical circuits with a low-voltage direct current (DC) signal. Key features of a 12-volt relay card include:
  1. Relay Type: The relay card contains one or more relays, which are electromechanical switches that open and close electrical contacts when energized by the 12-volt DC signal.

  2. Voltage Rating: The relay card is designed to work with a 12-volt DC power supply, ensuring compatibility with the electrical system.

  3. Switching Capacity: It can handle a specific switching capacity, typically ranging from a few milliamps to several amps, depending on the relay's specifications.

  4. Control Inputs: The relay card features input terminals for connecting to external control devices, such as sensors, switches, or microcontrollers, to trigger the relay operation.

  5. Output Contacts: Each relay on the card has output contacts that can be used to control various electrical loads, such as lights, motors, solenoids, or other devices.

  6. Mounting: The relay card may be designed for convenient mounting on a circuit board, panel, or enclosure, allowing for easy integration into electrical systems.

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